Meat grinder that works well and grind fast.

I am loving this grinder. I have other meat grinder before but this one is easy to use clean and operate. This has three different sizes from fine to coarse. The nicest thing about this meat grinder is how fast it grinds the meat. This grinder can grind 3 to 4 pounds of meat per minute. It saves me money. I can buy chicken and grind it myself for less money. The material that is use seems to be durable. This comes with a lot of attachments.
1x Obreko meat grinder
1x Pusher
1x Stainless steel blade
1x Kibbe attachment
1x Dust cover
3x Cutting plates(Fine, Medium, Coarse)
3x Sausage attachments
1x User manual
This is a must have in the kitchen especially if you like to cook a lot. I am happy with this product. I was able to get this product for a discount to test n exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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