Women round neck shirt/blouse

I ordered size 16 cause when I read the review it says it fit small. I am a size 14 in US and this fits me well. The only problem I have is the length. The shirt/blouse was in the middle of my thigh it is almost like a dress but it is too short for me to wear as a dress lol. The material is good. The way they made this shirt is well. I really like the way it looks on me. It feels comfortable and easy to wash. This is machine washable and I tumble it dry. I like the design that I chose the color really pop. I am happy with it. I can recommend it to friends and family.
I was able to get this product for free to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Eyebrow pomade

I am really liking this eyebrow pomade. I barely have eyebrows so, I usually use an ¬†eye pencil to make my eyebrow visible. When I got this pomade I immediately use it and I love it. The pomade did not make my eyebrow look like drew it on. It was easy to put on. The only problem is this s not a waterproof pomade. I was in Japan last week and the weather was so hot and we have to walk just about all day every day and my eyebrow did not stay on. I have to reapply maybe 2 to 3x’s a day. I did not mind it at all. I like this pomade cause I just need to use a Q-tip to apply and it was easy to do it. Overall I really like this eyebrow pomade.
I was able to get this product for a discount to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Handheld bidet

I love using the bidet. this bidet is handheld and not only you can use it as a bidet but you can actually use this to clean your toilet. I got this for a friend that just had a baby a month ago. She uses cloth diapers for her baby and this bidet help rinse out the soil out of the diaper cloth. She loves this bidet. She stated that she does not have to dip the cloth in the toilet t rinse it off. Now she just sprays it and be done with it. The material that this bidet is made of brass hose that will not rust and it seems to be durable. Overall my friend really like this bidet.
I was able to get this bidet for a discount to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Knit boot cuffs

These Dimore crochet boot cuffs are really nice. I have been looking for socks that will allow me to show on top of my boot to have a different look and also to keep my legs from getting cold during winter time. I came across this boot cuff and is so nice. The nicest thing about this cuff is that it came with two pairs. I was able to get brown and grey. Basic colors so I can match with whatever color boots I have. My daughters and I love wearing boots. It is almost time to wear boots again. Fall is right around the corner. Wearing boots keeps our legs nice and warm putting the cuff on top seals the coldness outside. It gives the warm feeling when wearing our boots. These boot cuff can also be used as a leg warmer. Wearing this with ankle boots scrunched it up and you will have a fabulous look. You can also put this on like leggings when it’s cold outside to keep you warm. A stretch jean can look great with these crochet cuffs. There are a lot of different things you can use this cuffs. I know I am going to love these. The crochet material seems to be made well. There are no threads hanging out from it. The material that they use on this is like a sweater material that can keep you warm during fall and winter time. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The buttons on the cuffs give a nice style/fashion for young and old. I am satisfied with how these cuffs look on my daughter and I. It is a good buy for me. I can recommend these products to my friends and family. I know they will like the product as much as I do.
I was able to get this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Anti Cellulite oil

I like the smell of this oil. I bought this oil to use for massage. I have a chronic back pain and I usually ask my husband to massage my back before going to sleep. The citrus smell feels refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I also use this oil to keep my skin hydrated. I usually apply this oil after taking a shower. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I can not tell if this works for cellulite cause I did not buy this for that reason. I also let my daughter use this for her skin. She tend to have a really dry skin and it really keep her skin soft. Overall I am happy with this product.
I was able to get this product for free or discounted to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Jean shorts

This pair of shorts fit my son nicely. The rip on it is done well. The jeans is not soft and not hard either it is just right. This type of Jean shirts is popular for young men. This camera just right on time for back to school for my son. My son is in college and these shorts is great since it is still hot in our neck of the wood. Although this is a cut out short the short is not thuggish at all. My son really like this shorts. I am satisfied with it.
I was able to get this product for free to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Wireless mouse

I like this mouse a lot. At first when I got it in the mail I tried it right away. I put the battery and took out the USB and I plugged it in my laptop USB port.I as going crazy cause I did not read the instruction. I was looking for on off button and I could not find it. I accidentally press the roller on the mouse and it started to work. The mouse turn off by itself when not in use. That is good cause it will give the battery longer life. It as easy to use and install. I got this mouse cause i lost the USB for my other mouse The price is good considering it works well. I have nohing bad o say about this mouse. I have been using it for a few days now and I am happy with it.
I was able to get this mouse for free to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Meat grinder that works well and grind fast.

I am loving this grinder. I have other meat grinder before but this one is easy to use clean and operate. This has three different sizes from fine to coarse. The nicest thing about this meat grinder is how fast it grinds the meat. This grinder can grind 3 to 4 pounds of meat per minute. It saves me money. I can buy chicken and grind it myself for less money. The material that is use seems to be durable. This comes with a lot of attachments.
1x Obreko meat grinder
1x Pusher
1x Stainless steel blade
1x Kibbe attachment
1x Dust cover
3x Cutting plates(Fine, Medium, Coarse)
3x Sausage attachments
1x User manual
This is a must have in the kitchen especially if you like to cook a lot. I am happy with this product. I was able to get this product for a discount to test n exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

A nice dress to have but you need to order 2 to 3 times bigger than your normal size. https://www.amazon.com/GlorySunshine-Strapless-Chiffon-Bridesmaid-Dresses/dp/B01JYF3OAE/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

This dress is really nice if it only would fit me. I bought a size XL but it did not fit me at all. I end up giving it to my daughter. My daughter is size 5 and the dress fit her well. The dress is really nice and soft. My daughter stated that it is comfortable. She love the color of the dress. This is a good dress for wedding, or even good for prom. Overall the material is good. I am happy with it. I only gave a 4 star cause the size is too small.
I was able to get this dress for free/discounted to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

GlorySunshine Strapless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Prom Dresses Long Evening Gowns Purple X-Large
Offered by LuCubanStuff
Price: $29.29



Earthwell Omega fish oil

I was recommended by my doctor to take fish oil, due to my good cholesterol is low. She has given me a prescription for Lovaza which is a prescription fish oil. I have been taking it but i have to stop taking it cause it is really expensive and it has a fishy after taste to it. I switch back to over the counter fish oil. The earthwell omega 3 fish oil has no fishy after taste and it has lemon flavored to it. I take this fish oil 4 soft gels a day. There a lot of benefits in taking fish oil. Fish oil can help with heart, mental health immune and more. I am happy with this product and it’s a good buy for me.
I was able to get this product for free to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.